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H2O Go


H20 Go provides 24/7 access to clean, drinkable water through card-operated vending machines. These machines are designed to encourage eco-friendly practices by making bottle refills simple and convenient.

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Many South Africans face unreliable access to clean water due to inadequate infrastructure. H20 Go aimed to address this issue by offering a reliable, high-quality water source available anytime. The challenge was to streamline access through efficient payment systems and reduce the need for lengthy queues at local stores.


In order to ensure the success of H2O Go, we needed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve the user experience
  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • Enhance operational efficiency


At Octoco, we developed a sophisticated payment processing system for H20 Go vending machines. This system enables pre-authorized transactions with a simple card tap, eliminating the need for users to create accounts. The system ensures a smooth transaction process and refunds any remaining balance automatically, enhancing user convenience.

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We undertook a comprehensive upgrade of both the hardware and software of the H20 Go system. This included the development of new hardware components and a complete overhaul of the software architecture, focusing on enhancing functionality, scalability, and user experience. Additionally, we integrated advanced communication technologies to ensure efficient and responsive operation.


The upgraded H20 Go system significantly improved the overall user experience and operational efficiency. Customers now benefit from a seamless interface and modern payment options. Real-time communication enhancements have reduced downtime and maintenance costs, positioning H20 Go for sustained growth and success.