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Investor Relations
Due Diligence and Fundraising Support; Direct Investment
Board-level Stakeholder Support
Product & Market
Lean Business Model Innovation
User experience
User-centered Product Design
Software Back-End
Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure

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Due Diligence and Fundraising Support

Investor Relations

With a team and network of seasoned entrepreneurs, we understand the relationship complexities between companies and shareholders. Octoco not only helps start-ups navigate the VC/Angel funding space, but also helps larger companies keep alignment between their board and technical teams.

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Man holding tablet with 3D governance symbols in the air above the screen

Board-level Stakeholder Support


Making sure that your company is sustainable by implementing the correct processes around technical teams and development is crucial. We help make sure that these processes are in place through a technical diligence. It is healthy for all companies reliant on technology as their core to improve longevity, security and efficiency.

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CTO as a Service

Management Support

Growing your business can be difficult. Octoco has consulting engagements with many companies across different industries and can help you identify partners and opportunities that can go unnoticed.

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Business team meeting with three women at a table discussing financial figures

Lean Business Model Innovation

Product and Market

Product-market-fit. Companies can spend a lot of money before realising that there is none. We help companies validate their ideas in a fail-hard and fail-fast way so that minimal resources are spent in order to evaluate the validity of a product.

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Creative team drawing wireframes discussing project

User-centered product design

User Experience

User experience is at the core of any user-facing product. Octoco works with the best UX/UI partners to ensure that your users have the best experience.

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Kanban, Scrum

Lean Agile Process

Time-to-market is becoming increasingly important. In the rapidly evolving environment of technology implementing a lean and agile process is critical to the success of any product. Iterating and validating are at the core of this process.

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Technology isn't just part of your business, it is your business.

React, Meteor and More

Software Front-End

With a plethora of frontend-frameworks and a rapidly changing eco-system, we help our clients choose the best technology for their user interfaces, from mobile and web apps to standalone applications. Some of our frameworks include ReactJS, ReactNative, Flutter, Blazor and Angular.

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Futuristic technology processing background

Cloud Architecture and Infrastructure

Software Back-End

Back-end and software infrastructure is the backbone of every web-based platform. Octoco specialises in building scalable APIs and services on popular cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and GCP.

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Embedded Design


Firmware is at the heart of every embedded product. Our team of engineers understands the requirement for robust firmware that will keep your product running for years to come.

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Image of PCB board

IoT, Comms, PCB Design, Industrial Prototyping


From circuit and PCB design to communications and mass manufacturing, Octoco has an embedded team that has decades of experience in Electronic Engineering. Our team has experience in electronics design, signal processing and IoT.

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